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Digestive and liver diseases are becoming increasingly common, with the rate of colon cancer and fatty liver on the rise.  The reason is likely due to dietary shifts from less plants to more animal based foods, low fiber, high sugar, increased alcohol consumption and obesity.  Luckily we can screen for and catch these conditions in their early stages.  If caught early enough, we can treat and prevent serious complications. 


Find and Treat Early, Save Lives

If you are at risks…

  •   Age over 50 years old
  •   Family history of colon cancer
  •   Unexplained abdominal pain
  •   Heart burn
  •   Flatulence, Chronic constipation
  •   Unusual defecation
  •   Lower GI Bleeding
  •   Unexplained weight loss

Promoting Gut Health

Our approach : we take a comprehensive approach to fixing your gut health.  We start with thorough diagnostics to identify the problems then we follow the 5R protocol.  Simply put, we need to remove the offending items, add back what is needed for good digestion and promote gut healing. 

Remove : Intolerant foods, toxins, bad bacterial and fungus by Colon hydrotherapy, ozone therapy or drugs

Replace : Digestive enzymes by mouth

Reinoculate : Probiotics and prebiotics by mouth and by enemas

Repair : Amino acids, anti-inflammatory supplements by deep hyperthermia

Rebalance : Lifestyle modifications include eating more fiber, exercising regularly, improving sleep and reducing stress for long term gut health

ADDLIFE Advantage

  • In-depth specialized evaluations
  • Comprehensive digestive and liver services
  • Comfortable bowel preparation
  • No risk of hospital infections


Comprehensive Services

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