Medical Slimming

Do you have stubborn fat?  The fat that just stays there no matter how healthy you eat, how much you exercise or even when you lose weight?  This is physiological - women usually store fat on their hips and thighs, men on the abdomen – each person is unique so you are the one who knows best where your stubborn fat is.


Types of Stubborn fat


Muffin Tops


Love Handles


Saddle Bags


Pooch Belly


Flabby Arms


Thigh Fat

In medical slimming we use various medical technologies to breakdown stubborn fat cells and achieve better body contour.  Addlife offers only clinically proven medical technologies.


Our Technologies

Laser Slimming

Low level external laser for pain free fat reduction

Vela Shape II

Optical and RF energy plus lymphatic drainage for pain free circumferential reduction and cellulite

Ion Magnum

Smooth microcurrent technology to contract muscle simulating normal exercise for fat burning and muscle building


Multiple fine injections into stubborn fat for fat reduction

Intravenous Treatments

Booth metabolism with natual nutrients

Body Contouring

Laser assisted liposuction for the final touch

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