Remove accumulated toxins from your body. We live in a polluted world, which can overwhelm our internal detoxification system.  As a result we inevitably accumulate various toxins in our body leading to heart attack, stroke, dementia and cancer.


Heavy Metal Toxicity and Chelation
Common toxic heavy metals that we are exposed to are Mercury and Lead – both of which can lead to memory loss and dementia.  At Addlife we can measure your toxin load and remove them if necessary.

Chelation Therapy is a procedure used to remove toxic heavy metals from the body through the use of EDTA and/or DMSA.  This can be done via intravenous infusions, oral supplements or suppositories.


Chemical Toxins and Detoxificaton
Pesticides, plastics, paints, industrial waste are just a few of the chemicals we are exposed to daily.  Many are carcinogens (leading to cancer) others can damage our brain, liver, kidneys, etc.  It is important to minimize our exposure, but when unavoidable, we must maximize our internal detoxification process.

At Addlife we can measure your toxin load and can enhance your internal detoxification when necessary.


For those who suffer from:

  • Living in a polluted environment
  • Frequent illness
  • Memory Loss
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer

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