We all know that nutrients such as vitaminsminerals and antioxidants are essential for good health.  There are an abundance of nutritional supplements readily available to buy – but which ones do you need? Are supplements really necessary if you eat well? How about toxicity?

Why guess? When you can know – the technology is available to test your individual nutritional status and needs.  At Addlife, we start with detailed blood tests to look at your vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels.

Addlife physicians are specially trained to prescribe supplements for you based on your health status, disease risk factors, diet, lifestyle and most importantly blood test results.  Therefore you are certain to receive the dose that is right for you.   

Our Custom-Compounding Pharmacy can tailor-make to your supplements to meet your unique requirements.  Full customization ensures maximal efficacy without the worry of overdose or toxicity.

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